Trilema Log Reading

Posted 2018-07-01

Reading through the logs of The Most Serene Republic, though rewarding and enjoyable, is not for the faint of heart. I'm often left wondering how anyone can make sense of the conversation, but certainly there are glimmers of real experts under the surface of madness.

Anyway, I've read enough to know that I want to keep reading---not only forwards, but backwards. So I built myself a little infrastructure, to develop the bigger view of what's going on:

TMSR Log Summaries

Not sure if it'll be of use to anyone but myself, but if I get a few "that wasn't about X, it was about Y!" spankings out of it, I'll consider it worthwhile.

My attempted pace will be to read 4 days of logs every day (3 older logs, and the present log). The average log takes me about 30 minutes to read (including following links), and there's a bit over 900 logs to catch up on, so I'll be caught up in 300 days, working 2 hours a day. Starting late is a bitch, ya know.

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