Log Reading, Week 3

Posted 2018-07-25

So this week's post is late. But that lateness, coupled with my continuing inability to keep up with the log reading pace, has started to get some nice lessons through my thick skull!1

This week we are up to 75 entries, 11 more than the last. While I honestly believe the past two weeks were far more busy for fiat esthlos than usual, I'm still planning for the worst. So the new plan is two per day, which should be far more sustainable. And anyways, the plan for my reading to speed up simply didn't happen. As Mircea intuits, the logs are information dense2 , and the brain can only process at such and such a rate. My attempts to read faster simply resulted in confusion.

Next week I'll try giving some highlights in the log reading update. Until then!

  1. Here are a few. (1). It's not enough to vaguely plan things out and hope I get done what needs to be done. I need to lay out everything that needs to be accomplished well before the deadline. (2) Things need to be prioritized. Just because one Emacs keybinding is broken doesn't mean that I need to deal with it now. (3) There must be time allocated to the unanticipated and fuckups in general. (4) Plans and scheduling follow through to the end. If I just plan to finish my weekly log reading on Sunday, then guess what: there won't be time for a post! Truly, it's remarkable that I managed to get this far in life while not understanding these kind of things! []
  2. Though I have read enough at this point to have an opinion on this density, and I think an unfortunate that much of it results from people not considering the minds of others and making unnecessary assumptions on all kinds of things. []

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