Log Reading, Week 2

Posted 2018-07-16

64 entries! The summaries project is 20 entries short for this week! What in the world happened?

Well, I could blame things on by fiat job, but we know where that leads. No: I knew these things were coming up; I knew that I would have to prioritize ruthlessly to make the summary target1 this week; and yet, I didn't.

So this week becomes another instance where I set a difficult yet surmountable bar, didn't bother to organize myself to meet that bar, and fell far short. As to the why, there are all kinds of answers, being the usual crowd of laziness, stupidity, or lack of will, but what does one do about these? I only hope that the more fearful part of the brain gets the message that my reputation is on the line, a lesson ill-learned in the land of socialist safety nets and participation awards2.

  1. all the while, chugging along at a Common Lisp Keccak. Which yes, has made good progress. Be on the lookout for a release within the next two weeks. []
  2. also known as diplomas []

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