Log Reading, Week 1

Posted 2018-07-08

Last Sunday brought the public launch of the Trilema log summary project. The goal is to read 4 logs per day, to which I've had to add the practical cap of 2 hours per day1. I also have concern that much needed projects will eat into the log reading time. Certainly, all of this is a continuing lesson in priorities and pacing over time.

Currently the summaries exist for 54 dates. The target for this week will be 28 entries, 21 of them of older logs, bringing the project somewhere mid-April 2016, and the total to 82. I'm anticipating the reality of ending up off-target, and reassessing how many logs I can commit to per week over the next month or so.

There's also the matter of an esthlos-bot for reading out entries. The call could be something like

!e 2018 7 6 2

to print out the second entry of the 2018-07-06 log summary (that is, July 6th, 2018). It would be nice to also print a link to the log item in question, which could also facilitate tracking long-term conversations in the logs, with the cost of many additional cross-reference links.

In addition to the bot, a search feature will be needed as the summaries grow. I would expect the search to work through the bot as well as on the page, spitting out a text-paste with results.

The bot and search will have to wait, though, while I explicitly prioritize getting esthlos-v working properly.

esthlos-bot, esthlos-v...I need some better names!

  1. Generally I don't expect the 2 hour cap to be reached, and I also anticipate some speedup in reading as the project progresses. March 2016 has so far been a month of megalogs, coinciding with the the shifts occurring in the Republic at the time. []

4 Responses to “Log Reading, Week 1”

  1. Diana Coman says:
    Nitpick: " the second entry of the 2018-07-04 log summary" - isn't that 2018-07-06? Best to say explicitly also which one is the day and which one is the month there.
  2. esthlos says:
    Yes, thanks Diana. (And thanks for reading!)
  3. "Currently the summaries consist of exist for 54 dates." needs a fix ; also why are the comments so very bold ? I don't feel that bold!
  4. esthlos says:
    You seem like a bold kind of guy! But I have unbolded your words.

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