esthlos-v Version 2

Posted 2018-05-09

The current intention of the Republic is for my vtron to become the standard for the time being. This post is intended to keep track of the proposed changes to my item, my progress on those changes, and pertinent discussion of the matter.

The latest source will be maintained here,the latest signature here, and the makefile for a executable build here.

ChangeReferencesImplemented On
return vpatch objects12018-05-06
remove dependency on cl-ppcre1 22017-05-13
select run-program by cl implementation1 22018-05-11
take a head to press, not entire patch directory12018-05-06
use a tempdir for gpg keyring (stateless)12018-05-13
complain loudly (eggog) and clearly on bad sig1 2018-05-13
fail on bad public key2018-05-13
error on bad public key2018-05-13
deal with console args12018-05-14
build script to produce binary12018-05-14
remove form feeds1 2 3 2018-05-09
remove tabs12018-05-09

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